Creative Sewing Art Level 3


Level 3

Students who graduate from the second level can opt to continue to develop their skills further when they sign up for Level 3. Ten (10) courses are featured for this level. Our trained Epal teachers will guide you every step of the way. Certificate of Level 3 will be given after the course complete. Below are the projects featured:

…January. February. March…

Stained Glass Stained Glass

Beg Anyaman Bunga Applique Applique Flower Weave Bag

Lukisan Cina Chinese Potrait

…April. May. June…

Hiasan Dinding Wedding RingDouble Wedding Ring Wall Quilt

Alas surat Joyce BearJoyce Bear Letter Sheet

…July. August. September…

Set beg Sekuntum BungaFlower Bud Set Bag

Jam StarStar  Clock

…October. November. December…

Beg Peralatan BulatOval Accessories Bag

Beg SueSue Bag

Sarung Kusyen Smocking Bunga TulipSmocking Cushion Cove – Tulip Flower