Recognition Certificates & Letters of Support.

Mostwell Sdn.Bhd. has gained the recognition and great support from various quarters whether government agencies or private agencies. We are very grateful to all those who support our values ​​and goals. Recognition of this very significant for us to continue to implement the mission and vision Mostwell Sdn. Limited. for the good of society and the State.

National TEKUN recognized Mostwell Sdn.Bhd as The Best Strategic Partner TEKUN started on 26th November 2009. Cooperation between both parties is to help strengthen the economy through the business community in the areas of sewing skills. Mostwell Sdn.Bhd responsible for providing the training skills for sewing, while the National TEKUN act granting loans to individuals by the terms and conditions. The result of this collaboration was facilitated target groups to generate economic well qualified Mostwell Sdn.Bhd. The company was awarded the Best Strategic Partner TEKUN in 2013.

tekun 2009 001 Anugerah Syarikat Rakan Strategik 2013 - TEKUN









Mostwell Sdn.Bhd certainly gained the recognition from the Golden Bull Award back in 2010 – 2013 consistently. This proves that our efforts are gaining attention and appreciation of many.

Academy Mostwell is Malaysia’s premier academy in Arts Creative Sewing. Mostwell Sdn. Bhd has received Certificate of Accreditation from the Department of Skill Development for the year 2013-2016. Each student under Mostwell Academy is now recognized at par with other professional institutions.Letters of support:

Sijil Akademi Mostwell (depan) Sijil Akademi Mostwell (belakang)









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